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One year reflection

Hey all! As my one year resin anniversary approaches I thought I would take the time to share a little.

When I finally decided to start resin was at Dragon Con 2018. I walked up to a resin artists booth, bought some pieces and told my sister that I always watch resin videos and kind of wanted to do it. She said, "Why don't you?", and I thought, "Why don't I?".

Me at DragonCon 2018

From there, I went home and began my research; about 2 weeks of non-stop research. Can I just stress how important this is? I am the kind of person who does this no matter what the topic, but for resin it turned out to be extremely important. What kind of resin would I try? What's the pot time? How long does it take to cure? Will it yellow over time? What molds would I use? What would I decorate my pieces with?

Trust me, I didn't even know terms like curing and pot time before I did the research. Just know, research is important. Over this year, I have not ever asked another artist where they bought something. If you are intrigued, so the leg work and find where you can get it. I'm just an artist who looked up and down for what I know and use, and you can do it too!

So, then I told my husband I want to start resin art and he said tell him whatever supplies I needed and he would get them for my birthday. And so it began.

My very first resin pour on September 23, 2018

What I can tell you from this year of experience is patience is important if you to progress. As much research as I did, I wasn't prepared for how many errors I would make along the way. I am still muffin stuff up today, but I always find a way to make it work. Working with resin is a learning process. It's fun, it's frustrating, it's rewarding.

A great dome is so satisfying. An effed up one can make you scream!

I've destroyed pieces on accident, tried tried and tried again to bring a vision to life and failed, but always kept trying my best through the frustration. I learned about mixing properly, getting rid of air bubbles, doming properly, filing/sandpapering, shakers, coloring, and all kinds of other stuff. Every new thing I learn brings me a step in the right direction.

This was actually a failed galaxy pour, but hey the other side came out good. So, I flipped it and didn't give up on the piece. There are no mistakes in art.

I've found wonderful other resin artists, mold makers, and resin supply suppliers who inspire me and help provide the things I need to make my visions come true. I've also had so many wonderful customers who have seen the beauty in my pieces and spent their money in my shop and I'm ever so grateful. Every sale motivates me to make more and keep doing what I'm doing. It's really a dream come true.

I will continue on my journey to perfect my art with each piece and provide pieces I've put my heart, soul, and hard work into. Thank you everyone for the support, whether it's checking out my shop, liking a picture, or sharing my work with others; everything is appreciated.

A special custom request I recently did. I've come so far in the quality pieces I can offer.

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